Metamer Materials aims to create comfortable, energy-efficient interior environments by commercializing adaptive, "smart" metamaterials. Metamer Materials can adapt in real-time to self-regulate temperature and sound levels, thus increasing energy efficiency and reducing noise pollution in buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Buildings account for nearly 40% of US Energy consumption, with heating and air conditioning accounting for the majority. Many office dwellers suffer from air conditioning blasting an already-too-cold room, or a room that is too cold in morning and too hot by the afternoon. Despite continually improving HVAC control systems, the room's surfaces (walls, floors and windows) remain fundamentally passive and "dumb".

Inspired by the dynamic thermal exchange behavior of a Toucan beak, Metamer smart composite panels contain self-regulating, distributed sensor and actuator networks. A surface enabled with the Metamer technology can actively adapt to changing environmental conditions, including temperature, light and sound levels, by dynamically modulating thermal and acoustic properties.

Noise Pollution

Restaurant reviews now often list a Noise Rating, such as the San Francisco Chronicle's "BOMB" rating for 80+ decibels covering sound levels ranging the equivalent of a lawn mower (80dB) to a Jackhammer (110dB). Though late-night party-goers may enjoy the 80+ decibel noisy atmosphere, the mealtime clientele and staff find levels beyond 70 decibels uncomfortable and potentially hazardous to health with long-term exposure.

Beyond hearing loss, research shows that excessive noise can lead to stress, insomnia, changes in blood pressure and even heart disease. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has recommended that all worker exposures to noise should be controlled below a level equivalent to 85 dB for eight hours, or 90 dB for four hours, to minimize occupational noise induced hearing loss.

Metamer acoustic panels offer on-demand sound dampening and frequency filtration to tailor the acoustic properties of a space to the needs at that time.

Bioinspired Metamaterials